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Self Replicating Software Price Details
Price Includes FREE Setup and Installation!

Replicator Professional v 5.0- This is our newest and top notch self replicating website system geared for distributors that want to provide their members with an automated self-replicated website system or anyone who needs a basic replication system. As long as you don't need to track commissions, this system is perfect for you. 

We're proud to celebrate 16 years with no software bugs or glitches. This is a very solid industry strength software system that can handle at least up to 100,000+ members and that can be expanded as well if need be which of course we can get setup for you.

ONLY $1399.00 ! Includes any and all of the features below.

If you are on a tighter budget, please call and see what we can work out with you. We have revenue sharing programs which can dramatically reduce your upfront cost!

NEW Modules are Added on a Regular Basis!

Merchant Account Integration - for compatible systems.
All other systems can be extra, but it is very rare. We can integrate most online merchant accounts with your replicating website package. If you need a merchant account, click here to find out about our MLM friendly Merchant Accounts with Guaranteed Approval! You will not find this anywhere else!

Replicator Compatible Shopping Cart -
You would need the shopping cart only if you have the need for selling more than one product/service at one given shopping session.

E-Mail Follow Up System with Contact Manager

»Unlimited follow-up messages, create 1 or 100! You control when the messages are sent! Send daily, weekly, monthly or however often as you like!
»Personalized messages with members name and the sponsor's info!
 Any fields on the site can be used in the emails as well!

»Personalized link back to sponsor's website!
»Can have multiple sets of e-mail Autoresponders.
»Members cannot edit the emails, Admin controls the entire message content.

Rotating Co-op System
Instead of the company getting credit for prospects that visit the main website, this module forwards the prospects onto the next member in the co-op's website. You can have some or all members in the co-op system. You will find that your members will really appreciate this module! Plus, you can use this module to generate an additional income stream!

Idiot Proof Script - $199.00
This can work with or without the Rotating Lead Generation Co-op System. The way this module works is, when a prospect goes to the main website as opposed to a replicated website, the page will ask the person to enter their sponsor's ID.

NEW! Dual Scroller Module - $299.00

NEW! Multi Template Module - Included

NEW! Multi Capture Pages -  Members can Use or Choose From- Included

NEW! Upload Your Picture Module - Included

NEW! Return Visitor Script - Included

Host your site on Our Server for Peace of Mind!

Semi Dedicated Website Hosting with all the Requirements to run our Software in the most efficient way possible! Plus don't forget that you have my personal cell number!]  We've had clients with 80% better performance! Massive amount of Space, Traffic and Bandwidth ONLY $99.95 a month! NO one offers semi-dedicated hosting at such a great price!
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Try The Webscape Worldwide Replicator for a full 30 days. If it isn't everything we say it is and if it doesn't make your life easier and more profitable, then call us for a NO HASSLE REFUND less a $300 setup fee. Custom jobs and jobs that include custom programming and/or merchant integrations do NOT qualify for a refund.

Our focus is providing the highest quality service, period. To ensure that our high standards are upheld, we only accept a limited number of clients and treat every job like it's our only job. Our customer support is absolutely unbeatable with 24 hour emergency service! You can expect the best from Webscape Worldwide! Plus, with FREE setup support, what more could you ask for!

How Do I Turn My Website Into a 
Self-Replicating Website?

Now it's as simple as ever! You can either place an order now, or if you're not ready to order just yet, simply fill out a quote request and we will contact you within 24 hrs on a business day, or the following Monday if it is a weekend. 

Always feel free to call us between 10am and 5pm (EST)
Monday through Friday at: 

Purchase any Replicator and receive 30 Days FREE Technical Support. We want to make sure that you get your system up and running Successfully!

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